I spent this past weekend in Oslo, at the fine comics festival OCX. Here’s my report for The Comics Journal and here’s the one for Nr9 (in Danish).

Photo of Jim Woodring and Bendik Kaltenborn at the festival. Check the Bunker’s photos here. Check also my report from OCX 2007.


  1. It was such a fantastic expo with so many talented artist, I wish I’d known you were coming, I would have liked to talk to you properly as I’m a big fan of the metabunker! I’m not sure if we actually met, I was the Australian volunteer handing out the one page minicomics.

  2. It was funny to read about my book ‘MUSEUM’ as a formalist “showcase of cartoon styles”. Even though I can’t agree with that, it is interesting to see how perceptions can differ so much.

    But thanks for the mention anyway.

  3. I’m afraid I shall have to plead sloppiness there. My budget being limited, I only got a cursory glance at the book, but I still thought it deserved at mention and therefore went with my first impression. Sorry about that — I hope I’ll get the chance to read it properly sometime. It looked good to me!

  4. You should have mentioned to my publisher that you are a writer. They often give away publications to be reviewed. In fact, I think every time they have new releases they do that. Anyway, thanks for the mention again, better noticed than not of course!



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