Jeez, talk about sleeping on the blog — I just found out, from Alex Holden, that original New York graffiti legend Iz the Wiz died two weeks ago. It’s a bit late, but I just wanted to pay my respects to one of the great early stylists of subway art and one of the most ferocious bombers of all time.

Check out Holden’s site for a few classic flix and one of the two or three most resonant segments from Silver and Chalfant’s classic documentary Style Wars, where a young Iz speaks for a generation of writers. Alan Ket and Greg Lamarche have more, here’s an interview with the man and here’s another and here’s Iz’ website. Photo by Matt Isles from the Phun Factory aka. 5 Pointz — the legal writers’ playground in Queens, helped into the world by IZ. It was taken in 2001 and copped from here.