The picks of the week from around the web.

  • London Review of Books: “The Rome-Tehran Axis”. In his typical perambulatory fashion — segueing from Iran to Berlusconi to Kung Fu Panda — celebrity philosopher Slavoj Žižek makes a somewhat off-the-cuff, but nevertheless compelling and disturbing argument about the current evolution of Western democracy.
  • Comics Comics: Dave Sim/Neal Adams on Color. With permission, Frank Santoro publishes a section of Dave Sim’s mammoth interview from Following Cerebus #9 with fellow cartoonist and comic book legend Neal Adams, in which they discuss the comic book colouring techniques of the 1960s. Fascinating for people interested in the more technical aspects of comics history. (The interview itself is well worth seeking out, if nothing else for the revelatory portrait of Adams it draws).
  • The New York Times: “One Giant Leap to Nowhere”. Marking the 30th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Tom Wolfe ponders why the space program subsequently never really took off.
  • Fecalface: interview with Ben Jones. Interviews with the Boston cartoonist and post-pop artist are pretty rare, and it’s a pretty good one, but the real treat here are pictures from a gallery show of his.