Our international readers may remember a lot of activity, all conducted in the gibberish tongue that is Danish, about a month ago here at the Bunker. The reason was that a new Danish comics organisation, the Danish Comics Council, was founded. On the board serves yours truly serves, along with the Bunker’s own Thomas Thorhauge, who was elected chairman, Steffen P. Maarup co-publisher with Fantagraphics of the forthcoming Danish comics anthology From Wonderland with Love, as well as several other good people from the Danish comics scene.

Here’s the central mission statement:

The Danish Comics Council wishes to assist in:

  • heightening both the general and the specialised knowledge about comics, and
    thus strengthening both communication of and research into comics
  • contributing actively to the creation of, the conditions for and the versatility of
    Danish comics and publications of comics in Denmark, as well as the availability of
    foreign comics in Denmark through publications and exhibitions
  • establishing contact between and functioning as a shared forum for everyone with
    a personal as well as a professional interest in comics
  • collaborating both nationally and internationally with organisations and institutions
    with an interest in comics and related media/artforms
  • This is a go-to organisation for queries, national and international, as well as possible collaborative projects having to do with the above-mentioned areas of interest, having to with comics and cartooning in Denmark. The full press release in English, which includes details on our areas of concentration, a full list of board members, and much more can be downloaded in PDF form here.

    Additional information (in Danish) on www.dansktegneserieraad.dk

    Photo from the foundational meeting: Christian Sand