Your picks of the week this week will be all Watchmen. Just in case you’re not already fed up. (Sorry!)

  • Reviews of the film. I basically read two stand-out reviews: A. O. Scott’s for the New York Times and Tom Spurgeon’s at the Comics Reporter. For a really asinine and ill-informed one, check out Anthony Lane at The New Yorker, but make sure to chase it with Jeet Heer’s commentary.
  • Watchmen Roundtable from Fantasy Advertiser #100 (1988). Great interview with the creators, hot off the runaway hit that was Watchmen, the comic book series!
  • What is Watchmen About? A plethora of comics critics and readers try to answer a deceptively simple question, asked by Tom Spurgeon. Also, this criticism of Watchmen by Steven Grant is excellent.
  • The Annotated Watchmen. I remember these old, extensive annotations by Doug Atkinson as being fairly useful. Check them out.
  • Saturday Morning Watchmen. Picth-perfect. A must-see!