Allow me briefly to toot my own horn: This month’s issue of The Comics Journal (#296) sees the debut of my regular column on European comics, “Continental Drift.” (More importantly, it also has interviews with Lynda Barry, Dash Shaw, Frank Quitely, Mike Luckovich and David Hajdu!).

I guess it’s inevitably my attempt at filling the big shoes left by Bart Beaty, whose “Eurocomics for Beginners” ran in the magazine for years and as a whole must be counted as one of the seminal early texts on the New Wave of European comics of the 90s (which led to his fine book on the subject). Wish me luck…

The picture above is one of the colour pages from the comic of the year, Emmanuel Guibert’s La Guerre d’Alan volume 3, which was also published in English by First Second, but unfortunately in drab grey tones.


  1. Sorry no, I could have been clearer — the last three pages of book three are in full colour, the rest of the books are printed in sepia on fairly thick matte stock. It looks beautiful and has considerably more depth and warmth than the American edition’s drab grey tones on thin stock.

    I asked Guibert about it — look for the interview in TCJ #296 — and he’s very happy with the American edition, feeling that it works perfectly albeit differently. I don’t agree — it’s by no means a disaster, but I think it diminishes the book. I’m sure it was done for financial reasons and that’s perfectly understandable, but it’s still a pity. What the American edition does have that the French doesn’t is the documentation section in the back, which I really liked.

    Oh, and the forthcoming :01 edition of Guibert’s other masterwork, The Photographer, is in full color and is going to look spectacular.

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