I was never a fan of Party Arty of the NYC crew Ghetto Dwellas, who sadly passed away a few days ago due to undisclosed health complications. An long-time affiliate of the legendary conglomeration Diggin in the Crates (D.I.T.C.), I first heard him on Show and AG’s Goodfellas, and he was pretty much the fly in the ointment of an otherwise great record (don’t take it from me, judge for yourself how he compares with AG here). And I saw him more or less ruin a joint performance, again with AG, at D.I.T.C. don Lord Finesse’s 40th birthday party at SOB’s a few years back. He was basically yelling his lyrics hoarsely into the mic, as had always been his wont, and AG, who is normally ultra tight on the mic, apparently felt he had to follow suit. Bleh.

Over the years, however, I guess he did develop decent freestyle chops. OK, it’s written material performed a cappella, but he still holds his own against New York freestyle phenomenon Murda Mook here. And in any case, it’s real sad to see him go. Rest in peace P80.