The picks of the week from around the web.

  • The Nation. D.D. Guttenplan: “An Inky, Well-Paneled Place” — a thoroughly informed review of recent books on comics by David Hajdu and Douglas Wolk that situates its criticism in the broader context of the cultural history of comics. Why is there still little writing of this calibre in comics criticism?
  • Brother Ali freestyle on Live On B96. Check out this for a stunning rap performance from a freestyle master. What are you waiting for?
  • David Bordwell: “Some Cuts I’ve Known and Loved” and “They’re Looking for Us.” I link to David Bordwell’s amazing blog way too rarely, but seeing that the new, umpteenth revised edition of the his and Kristin Thompson’s excellent textbook Film Art: An Introduction is coming out, I thought I would. Explore the important minutiae of what makes films work through the eyes and mind of a master.
  • Alan Moore: “Magic is Afoot.” Perhaps one of the five best Alan Moore interviews ever published, this one which appeared in the free paper Arthur five years ago has now popped up online again. It’s the most concise, yet substantial presentation of his views on ontology, magic and creativity.