OK, since yesterday I’ve been looking over some more of this Gregorius Nekschot’s work and let’s just say that I’m not interested in reproducing any of it here. I may be missing some kind of mitigating knowledge of context, but have a hard time seeing how his work is different from this, this, or this (and if you want more comparative material, check out the Nazi Propaganda Archive. Be warned, however, that all of those links contain disturbing racist imagery).

It seems to me a pretty accurate assessment when the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office calls this hate speech. The question, of course, is whether it should be banned by law and whether producers of such material, such as Nekschot, should be prosecuted for spreading it. I don’t believe that’s the way to go about things — it’s a slippery slope towards greater censorship and will only worsen the situation. And, in any case, garbage like this is ultimately just a symptom of serious problems in the society that fosters it. Problems that obviously and urgently need to be addressed.

What I find shocking is not so much that some crank produces this crap, but that many people apparently take it seriously instead of rejecting it outright. Where the hell are we, if depicting our fellow human beings like this is somehow acceptable enough that it gets published in newspapers? Where do we, as self-proclaimed enlightened and civilised societies, draw the line?

Funny how staid and measured the Bomb in the Turban seems these days.