Gene “The Dean” Colan, the master of painterly penciling whose art graced many a classic Silver Age story in such titles as Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula, is ailing. And his family is having a hard time paying his medical bills. They are therefore asking Colan’s fans for contributions, so if you count yourself amongst those, please consider giving whatever you might be able to spare. Remember: Colan is unfortunate enough to live in a rich country whose government is of very little help when it comes to this kind of problem and has mostly worked for employers who are of even less use.

There are two ways of helping:

  • Bid in one of the Colans’ eBay auctions, which has the added advantage of possibly netting you a nice piece of original art.
  • Or do as I did: donate via PayPal. The Colans are registered as genecolan@optonline.net — just log into your account, choose “send money”, insert said email address and the amount you wish to donate, and to make things easier, you might want to mention the word “donation” in the comments box, to make it easier to parse on the other end.
  • Art by Colan and Tom Palmer, from Tomb of Dracula #52 (1976).