The picks of the week from around the web.

  • Q & A with David Barstow. The journalist behind this week’s contender for the Pulitzer answers FAQs about his piece on the Pentagon’s propaganda campaign at the major American networks.
  • Bart Beaty on David Hajdu on Frederic Wertham (parts one, two, three). The discussion of the 50s comics clampdown continues. Comics and media historian Bart Beaty criticises the book that reignited the debate and paints a more nuanced picture of the psychiatrist who became the number one boogeyman of comics fandom.
  • Will Eisner’s Joe Dope. Check out this selection of scans from Will Eisner and his studio’s instructional comics for the US Army. The interface sucks, but it’s worth it (hat tip: Dirk Deppey).