Raymond Leblanc just died at the age of 92. Through a long life, he was Tintin creator Hergé’s prime enabler. The two co-founded the Tintin magazine in 1946. A war hero, Leblanc helped Hergé emerge from the blacklisting he was suffering under because of his collaboration during the German occupation of Belgium. He also provided a venue for Hergé’s great strip for the the rest of its glorious run, and put up with its creator’s many creative and personal crises. If it weren’t for this man’s patience and tenacity, it’s a pretty safe bet many of Hergé’s later masterpieces wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Also, Leblanc was the publisher of another great classic, E. P. Jacobs’ Blake & Mortimer, which not only ran in Tintin but was published in album form by Leblanc’s Editions Lombard. One of the great editors/publishers of comics history. Rest in Peace.

Read ActuaBD’s obituary here, Tom Spurgeon’s here and, also, this great, recent interview with Leblanc from which the above photo of Leblanc and Hergé is cribbed.