The picks of the week from around the web.

  • Barack Obama’s speech on race. You probably read about it or heard excerpts, but if you haven’t heard it in its entirety, go check it out. Not only is it a rather incredible exercise in damage control, it’s a risky and moving speech.
  • That hilarious Peter Paul/Stan Lee/Hillary Clinton video. Just to give Hillary her due, this old video resurfaced in the comics blogosphere last week. Complete with a starry-eyed Stan Lee talking to Hillary, back when she was running for Senator of New York state, and the notorious con man Peter Paul filming, it is certainly a must-see. (Never mind the scandal-mongering bullshit at the beginning)
  • The New Yorker: Art Spiegelman’s great essays on Bernie Krigstein (“Ballbuster”) and Jack Cole (“Forms Stretched to their Limits”). Thanks to Tom Spurgeon.
  • Gary Gygax links. An interesting essay about recently deceased game desginer Gygax’ influence on virtual communities by Adam Rogers, and a personal reminiscence from Monte Cook, who was at his funeral. Again, thanks to Tom Spurgeon.
  • Chris Ware on Rodolphe Töpffer. One of our preeminent cartoonists writes about one of the founders of modern comics, in a review of David Kunzle’s recently released books on him.