We here at the Bunker are rather depressed that none of us will be going to Angoulême (Jan. 24-27) this year. In addition to always being worth the visit, we’re going to miss all of our Angoulême friends — the great people we unfortunately only meet there, once a year. Please be assured that we will miss you, and have a great festival.

Another sad thing about not going is that one of our favourites, José Muñoz is the president this year, and he organises a large exhibition on Argentinian comics — surely the showstopper this year. Another of our friends and favourite cartoonists, Ben Katchor is exhibiting at the CNBDI, and a third, the no-less great David B. currently has a show in Paris. Please go to all of these shows and enjoy them a little extra for us!

Additionally, the screening of Peur[s] du Noir, featuring animation from an all-star lineup of cartoonists should be well worth securing tickets for, and the Chinese exhibition will hopefully also be interesting.

Last but not least, this year’s festival has finally done right by the most dynamic branch of Western comics, the so-called “independents”, with a separate forum with both publishers’ exhibitions and events, smack-dab in the middle of town at the Place New York. The only reason to go all the way down the hill to the muddy field of Montauzier, where the rest of the publishers’ exhibitions will unfortunately yet again be found, would now be to check out the manga.

See you there next year!

Read our interview with this year’s president, José Muñoz, and his long-time partner Carlos Sampayo, here. Check out our coverage of last year’s festival here, and previous ones (in Danish) here. Also, go to the Comics Reporter to read up on this year’s nominees, courtesy Bart Beaty. Art by Muñoz, from the official festival poster.